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At Danela Ventures we believe in evidence-based analytics. Robust, unbiased and data-driven analysis is critical to our approach.  As examples, we present below a number of evidence-based academic and industry primers. The analyses and conclusions below may challenge some commonly held beliefs.

Behavioral Economics and Bounded Rationality

Sustainable Energy and Resources

Danela Ventures believes in challenging rules of thumb and widely accepted assumptions in new and established businesses. The sources of our inspiration are behavioral economics and the bounded rationality theory. Please take a look at the Nobel Prize lecture by Daniel Kahneman.

Please click here to read Daniel Kahneman’s Noble Prize lecture.

David JC MacKay of Cambridge University has published a definitive quantitative analysis focused on different sustainable energy solutions. His book, “Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air” is a must read industry and public policy primer.

Please click here for: “Sustainable Energy-Without the Hot Air”

Fund Management and Investment Manager Skills

Professor Fama and French developed a robust three-factor model to evaluate fund manager performance. Intriguingly, fund manager’s skill that consistently beats the market is exceedingly rare. Based on available data, the predominant majority of fund managers materially and consistently underperform market indices. The most recent analysis is available at the Dimensional Fund Advisors website (please click here).

Global Agricultural Trade and Emerging Markets

Global agricultural trade is critical to both developing and developed countries. The challenges and opportunities are well presented  in the recent World Bank publication: “Global Agricultural Trade and Developing Countries.”

Please click here to read: “Global Agricultural Trade and Developing Countries”.

Emerging Markets and World Economy

The World Bank is a robust source of macro-economic data for the developed and the developing world.

Please click here to access the World Bank statistical database.

Current Financial Crisis and Economic News

To better understand the current financial crisis, we recommend reading the following analytical discussion and analysis:

Please click here for ZeroHedge

Please click here for Janet Tavakoli