Value Creation

Danela Ventures is focused on executing transformational business ideas that create value through knowledge, evidence-based analysis and creative approach to business problems. We work with new enterprises and well established players that are focused on growth and new market opportunities.

Supporting New Creative Business Endeavors

We actively seek to support creative business endeavors that aim to either address existing market needs or profoundly alter a particular market segment. We believe that innovation and new transformational businesses across industries are the core engines for dynamic and productive economies.

Business Value with Contrarian and Creative Thinking

Institutional inertia prevents many established businesses from unlocking revenue and business growth opportunities. We believe in robust, evidence-based and disciplined analysis, combined with a determined challenge to pre-existing beliefs and the status-quo.

“Nothing is impossible”

Danela Ventures’ Operational Motto

· Innovative Value Creation

· Evidence-based analytics

· Contrarian Thinking

· Transformational Solutions

· Actionable Idea Management

· Results Oriented

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